Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Tea Time Tuesday #175

Happy Tea Time Tuesday...oh, it's been so long since I have posted. With Easter so very early this spring, I decided not to put out my lovely St Patrick's Day things. It always makes me a bit sad when I don't get to enjoy my teapots and teacups.

I was really sick last weekend but was feeling better on Sunday afternoon, so Jim took me to an estate sale. I found this beautiful and very different teacup. It is lovely....Forget-Me-Nots and shamrocks! I am such a Tasha Tudor fan and she loved Forget-Me-Nots. I just had to take the teacup home. What a treasure.

I also just love to see a little design on the inside of the cup.

Don't you love the little pink bows too? So dainty and just that bit of color is perfect.

The cup and saucer are bone china, made in England. It is made by the Royal Stewart company.

I don't get to eat goodies too often anymore, but I did have a mint cookie with my tea. It's was such a wet and dreary Oregon day...I just had to enjoy one!

My friend Jan sent me this sweet card. I'm enjoying a cup of Irish Breakfast tea with my treats.

I'm looking forward to a gathering of my high school buddies this Saturday on St Patrick's Day. 

Monday, February 26, 2018

Thinking of Spring!

The daffodils were actually in bloom here and then.....snow! We have had a very mild and warm winter, but winter decided to come late! We had a week of very cold temps and then days of SNOW! We may see a few flakes tomorrow morning and maybe a few on Thursday.
Jim and I are getting ready for another antique and collectible show this weekend, so we are happy to see a dry and warmer forecast for this weekend.
Easter is so early this year. I took the Valentine goodies down yesterday and just put up my regular decor....I'm not sure I am going to do much decorating. Poor St Pat's gets squeezed out this year. My dad's 89th birthday is on April 8th and I have a quilt retreat at the beach the 9th-13th.
It might be the year to just think ahead to spring.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Welcome 2018

It's a New Year....welcome 2018! Hope to catch up soon. So much to share from the end of 2017.


Monday, December 4, 2017

December 4th

Happy Monday! Just some of the soldiers and wooden figures on display at the Colantino home!
Getting ready for my trip to New England!

First Sunday of Lent

The Season of Advent is here today! The first purple candle is lit today and is the candle of HOPE. It is also called the candle of Prophesy. It was the prophets who foretold the coming of the Messiah.
I love the custom of the Advent wreath and the readings during each week. As a Christian. this helps me to keep my focus during the Christmas season.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Little Women...December 2nd

I love anything that has to do with Louisa May Alcott's Little Women. It truly is a classic work of art.

Last month when Jim and I went to the all city garage sale in Clark County WA, I found a set of Little Women dolls by Madam Alexander. I had no intension of buying dolls at the show. These were thrown in a bin marked down from $8 to $4! How would I resist? They were in such good condition too. I decided to put them under my little tree in my tearoom. I do think they are very happy to have come to a dolly home.

Louisa May Alcott was just a great American writer. I so enjoy her work. I still have many of her  books I have never read.

Jim and I were able to visit her family home in 2016. It was on my bucket list and I was soooo excited to be able to see this home. It was so warm and you could really imagine a family living there.We were there in the summer on a lovely day.

I was so happy to see her home and the property.

We were not able to take photos inside, however, there are many on Pinterest and on the computer.

The kitchen was one of my favorite rooms.

Louisa's room where she did her writing.

Another cozy room where our tour began.

Although this movie is not a Christmas movie, our family counts it as one! This is the version that I just adore and have watched oh so many times.

This is such a dear part of the movie. They are reading a letter from their father who was away during the Civil War. We are waiting to watch it when our daughter Gina comes home for Christmas. 

Welcome December!

Hello Blogger friends....well, the house is decorated and the tree is even up! My dad's apartment is ready for Christmas too.
I am getting ready to visit friends in New England again. I am flying to Boston on Wednesday morning and will actually be there on my birthday....Dec 8th! It is so exciting. I have been trying to get my clothes ready...warmer clothes...which has meant shopping. I love to antique shop, but don't enjoy shopping for clothes. I have to get a new suitcase and have my blood test on Monday before I leave and I think that's all I have left to do. The dolls have new clothes which I made this time. Hitty and Daphnie will be going this time. I will be visiting the library where the real Hitty lives on my birthday!!! Another adventure!!!!
The season of Advent starts tomorrow too.
I have featured this sweet little gal in years past. It was mine when I was little, so I cherish it.
I pray that you will all enjoy a lovely Christmas season ahead.