Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Wishing all my blogger friends a very HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!

It's been a busy week and I haven't had much time for blogging. The sun was with us for about 3 lovely days. I got my flowers planted and Jimmy got his veggies in. We should have LOTS of tomatoes. It's been raining all day today...buckets and even some thunder and lightening. We sure didn't have to water the new plants!

It's azalea time in the Pacific Northwest. They are all in bloom right now. I didn't loose any of my azaleas this winter!

I had to replant the flower been under my front window.  I call it my Tasha Tudor garden. Tasha loved crows and every time I hear a crow, I say hello Tasha! I have crows tucked into my little garden.

I love petunias. This is a newer one that I first bought a few years back. I have to have one every year. I do love the colors!

My little fairy girl has been watching over my front flower beds for many years. I love the forget-me-nots at this time of the year. I'm not sure where they will pop up and that's part of the fun.

I do enjoy gardening and love the fresh look that spring time brings.

I will be going to Vermont on Wednesday for a very special Tasha Tudor event. I'm getting excited.

Happy Mother's Day! 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sunshine, Otto and Imagination Station!

Oh the sun FINALLY came out today! We have been hoping to take Otto to the park on our babysitting day for weeks. We have a great park in Troutdale for kids by the local high school. It was the target of arsons about a year ago which is so sad. The city has plans to rebuild the part that was destroyed. There is still a lot left to be enjoyed.

Otto was excited when Grandma Linda showed up in the morning. Of course we had to play in his room. He has such an imagination of his own that makes me laugh. This is his boat he made out of these little snap together blocks.

He really gets into thing. He was into his Hot Wheels cars today. He wanted me to read the bottom of each car and we learned that some were made in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia! Who knew?

About 11:30 Papa Jimmy came over to take us to the park It was 80 degrees today! Don't you love his new shirt...Little Monster! Not Grandma's little boy.

He was so happy to be outside! He has a new haircut and is ready for summer.

He was catching his breath in the shade here. He found a few kids that he was having fun. I am careful about taking other children's pictures as some parents don't like to post pictures on the internet.

Papa Jimmy and his little man Otto...they love each other!

Otto wanted to jump down and then run run run out into the soccer field. He has grown a lot since last year and can do more on his own.

Yep it was a fun day at the park. He was practicing his rock climbing skills. He would climb up but then want Papa to help him get back down. That's what Papa's are for...right?

Otto was so tired when we left, he just fell on the grown and had had it! Too much fun for an almost 4 year old! It was sure a fun day at the park. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Dolly Thursday

It's Thursday and my one of my favorite days of the weeks....Dolly Thursday! It's such a fun day on my Tasha Tudor site when we all share things about dolls. I wasn't sure this morning what I was going to share, but I was in for a sweet surprise.

Jim and I had planned to go to lunch with our friends Bev and Roy. They introduced me to dolls years ago. They have a fine collection and Roy restores dolls and paintings. He does some work for Jim when Jim finds paintings to sell. Bev has given me seven dolls over the years. She knows I have a fondness for them, or should I say, an addition! We took them to The Albertina Kerr Nursery house for lunch. There is a connection to the Kerr canning company. It was started as a home to help young mothers and babies and continues to help families. The was quite a scandal and sadness involved in the history of this beautiful building. The wonderful restaurant, thrift store, gift shop and antique shop are all run by caring volunteers. It is all so pretty and nicely done.

 Bev has been sick and doesn't get out too much but she was feeling well today. I love this photo of cute.

Jimmy is always ready for a yummy meal and some good company!

The building is just lovely, built in the Georgian style of architecture.

This is a photo I took of some of Bev's dolls quite a few years ago. I took LaVonne and Kristen to visit Bev and Roy when they came to visit me one day. We had such fun, talking about dolls that afternoon. I have learned so much since then. The china head in the pink dress now lives at my house. She is one of my favorites.

Bev and that's a pair! those two had so much fun. Bev grew up in Idaho and LaVonne's from Montana. They had a lot in common.

So, on our visit today, Bev asked me if I would like her silk thread, some dolly fabric and lace. I told her I was really serious about sewing doll clothes. She took me into her doll room and had Roy get down a doll from a top shelf. She called her the pink lady as her body is kind of pink. She said to take her home and have fun, learning to sew for her. The doll is 18 inches tall, so she should be easier to sew for than my 10 and 12 inch dolls. I am excited. She said she would get together the sewing items and give them to me soon. I am excited and the doll is so pretty. I need to comb her hair. Bev gave me a head mannequin to work with her hair instead of trying to style hair on the doll. Bev just can't work on dolls anymore and wants to pass on her things to me...what an honor.

She has a leather body that is so soft. She has one little place on her chest that Roy had to repair.

Don't you just love her face? She has dainty blue eyes that open and shut. You can't see how soft they really are in those photo.

Legs that bend at the knee, so she can really sit! Bev thinks she has some shoes for her.

She also has jointed arms and hands. I am taken by her. I don't have many dolls that are her size,
And so, Dolly Thursday turned out to be quite the Dolly Day! I do love this new addition to the family. Let the adventure begin! I am so thankful for all that Bev has given to me and all she has taught me. 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Tea Time Tuesday #159 Tea Cup Reveal

Today, the postman brought me a lovely and exciting package! It was from Oliva, my tea cup exchange partner for Stephanie's special exchange. Oliva has had a difficult time lately, so she had written to me that my package would be a bit late. That's just life and I understand how those things happen.

I opened my box to find it all so pretty...wrapped up in pretty tissue paper. I kept taking little gifts out of the box and soon had a pile of treasures on my table!

So exciting! I felt like it was Christmas.

I carefully opened the cup and saucer first. Isn't it dainty and so pretty? I love the pink flowers. It's from Japan and a bit fragile. I love it.

Sweet and dainty.

Look at this generous group of precious tea goodies!!! I still am in awe.

Don't you just love the pink napkin and teapot napkin ring? I will treasure this and use it and think of Oliva when I do. Very very special.

These must be the prettiest floral gardening gloves ever made! And of course she tucked in some seeds for spring time planting.

What a cute little tea holder.

Wonderful organic Earl Grey tea. I will sample it tomorrow for tea time.

I adore this sweet GRANDMOTHER kitchen towel.

What a total surprise to find a fat quarter pack tucked into my box! I will have to find a quilt pattern to make something special with this gift!

A few yummy goodies too...yum,

How did Oliva know I love little lights? Look how cute these are!

Thoughtful Thank you cards too and a great bookmark with a wonderful quote.

One of the dear things about these exchanges is making new friends. She tucked in a little letter sharing somethings about her so I could get to know her a bit better. What a nice touch that I will have to remember for the next exchange.

So dear Oliva...thank you from the bottom of my heart. This was such a treasure box of goodies. I cherish my goodies. I thank you for getting to know picked the perfect gifts for me.

Thank you so much Stephanie for organizing yet another wonderful exchange.  You can find Stephanie's lovely blog at The Enchanting Rose.